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Aria, at the age of nine, witnessed her own parents' death at church at the hands of an escaped maniac, claiming to be 'God's messenger'. He killed everyone there, stating where they would all go, Heaven or Hell, one by one. Aria fainted at the sight, and woke with only a recollection of it in the same church she had fainted in. Upon waking, she saw angels fluttering about, and devoted her life to listening to them, killing whomever the Lord could want.

But there were never any angels there.
Pulling on the ropes of the bell tower she resides in, loud chimes are heard throughout the town. A girl with a white blouse and white hat with a dark purple ribbon around the top can be barely seen through the skinny windows. Again and again, she pulls them, and a door creaks open, a limp body falling out. Aria pauses, looking over at the body before going over to it and shamelessly stuffing it back inside, locking the door.

"No, stay with Mama. The angels said so."
  • Mood: Delighted
  • Listening to: The bells, the bells~
  • Reading: The Bible
  • Watching: The angels

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Up in the rafters of the church roof, there are two, great big golden eyes which are seemingly unblinking, and looking as if they have no body attached to them, it looks kind of freaky.
Indeed, m'dear. She looks up, seeing the bright yellow eyes. "Go away, go away! The devil is not wanted in this holy building!"
"Devil?" He snickers, and slowly, he comes into the light as a boy. "DeViL you say~? Well, I am certainly interested now." Slowly, on his hands and feet, he gracefully gets off the rafters, leaping to the organ and kicking off of it, landing almost silently on the floor in front of her. "Bonjour, Miss Hat!" His bright yellow eyes remain wide and cat like, and his mouth is in a huge grin as he slowly returns to his full hieght, which is rather tall. "I would very much liKe To StAy and have tea with you."
She smiles. "Hmph, the angels stay silent of you...Maybe...Maybe you aren't such a thing..." She considers, pondering for but a moment, then holding out the bible she kept on her at all times. "Touch it, and prove it." She said with confidence.
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